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The Aero-structural Optimization Lab (ASTRO) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is a multi-disciplinary research group developing computational frameworks for the wind-resistant design of structures.

New Position Opportunity: Wind Engineering Ph.D. student 



Dr. Sumit Verma
PhD University of Arkansas


Sumit completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2015 from Tribhuvan University in Nepal and a PhD in Engineering with core emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Structural Engineering in 2022 from University of Arkansas, USA. Sumit previously pursued his research on modeling and simulation of tornadoes using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as well as studying the aerodynamic interaction of tornado vortices with buildings as well as their experimental validation. Currently, he is working on CFD modeling of wind flows around bridge decks of different shapes and wind at different angles of attack with a view to optimize the aerodynamic design of bridges. In the near future, he plans to extend this work by incorporating Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to predict the aeroelastic response of bridges. In his free time, he loves travelling and exploring new places, visiting his friends and watching movies, etc.


Ashutosh Mishra

Ashutosh Mishra is a graduate student, pursuing his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. As a computer science enthusiast, he chose to take up this discipline as his career option from an early age. After completing his undergraduate studies in Computer Science Engineering, he worked for a year in the software industry as a Full-Stack Developer. However, due to major interests in areas such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and Competitive Programming & Algorithms, he ended up joining Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as a graduate student in Computer Science department. In the ASTRO research, his skills are being well-utilized, and he is envisioning the usage of Deep Neural Networks in the Computation Fluid Dynamics domain. He is working as a Research Assistant in the Computational Fluid Dynamics research project, and handling responsibilities such as Mesh Generation and Parametrization, 3D Visualization, and Deep Learning tasks used in the research.


Vernonika Castañeda
LSAMP Grantee


Vernonika Castañeda is currently a civil engineering student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Before moving to Corpus Christi, her interest in civil engineering has already been strengthened when she took some courses at Ateneo de Davao University in Davao City, Philippines. Along with research and studies, she has also been doing an internship at Corpus Christi Water Utilities where she learns about water and wastewater systems in the city. In her free time, she enjoys visiting parks and watching the ocean.  After graduation, Vernonika plans to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam and pursue a master’s degree in either structural engineering or environmental engineering. 

Jose Jaquez
My name is Jose Jaquez, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student here at Texas A & M Corpus Christi. I graduated from Lamar Consolidated High School in Rosenberg Texas in 2021 and plan on graduating college in 2025. In the past I have worked in many collision auto shops as a body man assistant, this is where I learned most of my skills that have to do with automobiles and anything with an engine. My hobbies are simple, I like to have fun with cars, this includes audio systems, modifying engines, and changing the aesthetic of the car itself. In the future, once I graduate college, my goal is to work for a company that will allow for me to further grow as an engineer in the automotive industry. 


James McLendon


My name is James McLendon, and I am an Electrical Engineering major with a minor in mathematics and computer science at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. I attended Lampasas High school in Lampasas Texas, also the town in which I practiced my skills in car audio fabrication and installation for two years. My hobbies include playing sports, designing custom car audio, and anything else that has to do with working on automobiles. In the future, I hope to use my degree to work in the automotive industry, however, I am excited for any opportunity that awaits.


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  • Amina Nawaz

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