Computational aerodynamics

The accurate evaluation of wind loads on civil engineering structures is a key issue for their design. The classical approach currently used in the bridge engineering industry for the structural and aeroelastic design of bridges is based on an iterative heuristic process which includes wind tunnel testing. The dependency on experimental techniques for the aeroelastic characterization of the bridge deck cross-section requires a substantial amount of resources, and consequently, the number of potential candidate designs must be limited.

The fast improvements in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques in recent years have led to its use in the industrial field, and consequently, bridge design methods must be updated. I am working on the development of fully numerical strategies to overcome the classical iterative process in bridge deck shape design by using CFD simulations and surrogate models. These schemes permit the exploration of wider design domains and open the door to the implementation of aero-structural optimization approaches.

Mesh description of the three sections that were also analyzed experimentally. Cid Montoya et al. Wind Eng Ind Aerodyn, 177: 405-428, 2018.

Response surfaces for the force coefficients and their slopes at α = 0 obtained by the Kriging surrogate model trained with CFD results. Cid Montoya et al. Wind Eng Ind Aerodyn, 204: 104243, 2020.

Civil engineering cross-sections are usually bluff geometries, which may involve some modeling challenges, such as massive flow separation and Reynolds-number sensitivity. Studying the impact of the modeling schemes on the CFD results is very important for its accurate use.

Flow velocity U and turbulence kinetic energy k fields obtained for β = 50at α = 0 using the k − ω SST turbulence model without corrections, with low-Reynolds-number corrections, with low-Reynolds-number and curvature corrections, and the Transition SST turbulence model. The instantaneous fields correspond to the maximum lift in the periodic time history (θ = π/2). Cid Montoya et al. Eng Appl Comput Fluid Mech, 12(1): 750-779, 2018.

Journal papers

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DOI: j.jweia.2020.104147

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DOI: j.jweia.2018.01.014

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DOI: 10.1080/19942060.2018.1520741  [Open Access]


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DOI: 10.2495/AFM160051

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